Fortnite Season 7 challenges to unlock the Snowfall skin

With a total of four stages, it’s expected there will be three keys to find, and the first has already been located – which will break the prisoner out into his second stage.

Snowfall ‘Prisoner’ skin – Stage 2 (Key)

Unsurprisingly, this first key can be found at the same location as the prisoner was previously trapped – inside the Polar Peak castle.

YouTuber HeyStani shows the key is located on a desk on the north of Polar Peak mountain, and you will need to be rocking the prisoner skin to interact with it.

A complete guide to the key’s location is shown in HeyStani’s latest video.

This will only unlock stage two of the skin, which admittedly isn’t all that impressive, but you will need to go in order if you want to fully unleash the Snowfall character. You can see all the stages of the skin here.
Stage two of the ‘Prisoner’ skin.

Snowfall ‘Prisoner’ skin – Stage 3 (Campfires)

Leakers have discovered that to unlock stage 3 of the Prisoner skin, players will need to interact with the new environmental campfires.

First hinted at with the week 10 loading screen, which sees the Prisoner sitting at a campfire, code in the game files states that Stage 3 will be unlocked through fortnite v bucks generator interaction with the new campfires.

“Interact with the wood pile in order to light the fire.”

The Week 10 loading screen – Prisoner skin by the fire.

Once the location of these environmental fires are revealed and added to the game, we will update this post, so stay tuned to Dexerto for updates.

If you still haven’t completed enough Season 7 challenges to unlock the Snowfall skin, you can fly through them with out complete weekly guides. Also make sure you check out the challenge guide for the new Showtime challenges

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