More leaked skins have been found in Fortnite today’s update

And it appears they found a treasure trove of skins which have now been leaked online.

You can expect a wealth of new content for the Fortnite item shop in the coming weeks, which are likely to go live during season 6.

The new skins include male and female clowns with seemingly evil counterparts. There’s also an ice warrior, which bears a small resemblance to the White Walkers from Game of Thrones.

The clown skin is called Nite Nite and comes with Creepy and Creepier unlockables. There’s also the Valkyrie skin, as well as the Frostwing Legendary Glider.

And away from that stuff, data miners may have also found some future events gear.

This includes a new fireworks in-game event which will culminate in a massive Llama being featured in the sky.

This was found in the latest build of the game, along with a “Work-in-Progress” Dark Bomber skin.

This was recently hinted at in a loading screen released by Epic Games v buck generator during Week 10.

The details found are pretty basic, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest this skin will be part of season 6.

Then there are the new files found that link the in-game Cube with Loot Lake.

The current theory surmises that it will remove the water and replace it with a volcano and lava

And it appears that new found in the game’s code back up that idea with a little more evidence.

“Hopefully, these files being added to “Kevin” will light the fuse on the event starting, as it ever slowly approaches the Lake,” a post from Fortnite Intel explains.

“The files found inside of the Cube’s data, while water-related, also have nods to different sizes and depths of water – such as “Water_Shallow”.

“The Shallow water materials are also under a “UniqueMaterials” folder, meaning that it might be related to the possible Water-sucking Cube theory.

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