Online crooks have also hacked Fortnite gamers’ payment information

Google publicly disclosed the vulnerability a week after Epic Games fixed it, but that prompted Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney to accuse Google of acting in bad faith.

If you’ve already got Fortnite installed on Android, you’re probably safe, as the installer app should have updated itself over the past 10 days. But just to be safe, make sure that the fortnite vbucks generator installer app on your phone is at version 2.1.0.


Epic Games — developer of the extremely popular online battle royale-style game previously available for PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, macOS, iOS, and Windows — decided  earlier this month not to release the game in the Google Play app store so that Epic Games v buck generator could avoid paying the 30-percent cut of sales, as every Android (and Apple) developer that goes through the official app store does.


However, Google’s own security policies establish that security bug reports will be made public after 90 days of the disclosure or after “a patch has been made broadly available.” The 90-day windows is to give developers time to fix problems, not to give users three months to install patches. Security experts generally agree that vulnerability patches should be installed as soon as they become available.

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