Where was the scene? Fortnite has an area on the map called “The Block

Where was the scene? Fortnite has an area on the map called “The Block.” At regular intervals buildings are published there, the players design themselves.

In the Battle Royale you can then enter the structures, they are part of the game and are part of the current map, the Fortnite Battle Royale is gambled by millions of players.

On April 2, one of the buildings was replaced by a new creation. There was only a scary house. But that had to be replaced only a few days later, by the Tropical Treetops.

The change had become necessary for Epic fortnite v bucks generator as fans reported with concern that the house would show a suicidal scene.

What kind of house was that? The user FuryLeaks has created the building. The house could be explored from top to bottom, there was plenty to see. On Twitter, the creator shared a tour of the house.

There you can see a character hanging from the ceiling at the end. Below him, an overturned chair. It’s reminiscent of suicide.

This is how the house looked in the game: on Fortnite’s map , the house was not completely taken over from the video. The character hanging from the ceiling in the cellar was not visible on the map. Only the overturned chair and rope were visible.

So players saw the scene – Source: Reddit user req-q

The player req-q writes to Reddit : “Epic should really check the maps before they appear on The Block. Someone hanged himself here. “

This is how Fortnite responded: After this site had received much attention, the developers of this building quickly removed and replaced it with an older one.

“It was just a joke”

The creator of the building, FuryLeaks, spoke to Polygon about the situation. The house was to show what was left after an earthquake.

“The chair should hang on the rope, but fell off,” explains FuryLeaks. “I made a joke in the Cinematic, with someone who hanged himself … but … yes. Actually, that should not look like that. “

Fury – BACK IN THE GAME@FuryLeaks

Sadly it’s gone. I’m still proud…. RIP Mystery Mansion ♡@FNInformation @HYPEX @Ta5tyy2 @OhToy1 @FortTory @itsarkheops @publicmoss @HappyPower @postboxpat

25 Nutzer sprechen darüber

On Twitter, FuryLeaks also writes “Welcome to Fortnite. A game where you kill people. But we also hate it when you kill people. “

Fortnite says so

Meanwhile, Fortnite answered the situation. They say the creator’s content was removed from The Block because it did not conform to the content creation guidelines.

Fortnite will probably look more closely at the next builds, which are really taken in the game. Do you think the situation was too hard for the game?

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